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X Factory, always at the forefront of engineering and innovative design, brings you the X – 6 Cubed, an all carbon fiber slim-design mid-motor buggy. X Factory was the first company to sell a mid-motor 2WD car or truck, and we have always been exclusively mid-motor. The X – 6 line has won over 15 National Championships in 9 different countries.

The X – 6 pedigree stretches back to 2006, when we introduced the first mass produced molded chassis mid-motor car. Thousands of X – 6s have been sold all over the world. In 2009 we updated to the X – 6 Squared with a new 1-piece molded chassis and several design improvements. Now it’s on to the X – 6 Cubed with a big list of
new features and improvements.

1. First, the all-new carbon fiber chassis. Strong, very light, and totally dialed.

2. Slim new chassis design for better handling in corners, over bumps, and in the air.

3. Light weight. With a “shorty” pack you may have to add weight to be legal!

4. Most other parts are also carbon fiber. All CF parts are made in our shop in the U.S.A.

5. Advanced design “Flex Deck” top deck for precise chassis flex adjustment.

6. Anodized aluminum parts are light, strong, and look amazing.

7. New “tower forward” design for better shock and camber link angles, moves the wing forward for better aerodynamics, and looks better too. Anodized aluminum ball stud land has vertical stud mounts and includes the popular E-Speed position.

8. Slim “cab forward” body with cab farther forward than most and windshield at a steeper angle for more front downforce. All X Factory bodies are swept up in the rear for downforce.

9. New medium downforce wing standard. 1/2” narrower than our high downforce wing, the new one has 5o less kick-up. Side dams are still as big as the rules allow, but you can cut them down. Both wings fit all X – 6 cars.

10. Available in two versions: K030 Conversion Kit converts AE B4, B4.1, or B4.2 to an X – 6 Cubed. K 031 UpGrade Kit upgrades an X – 6 Squared to Cubed. Both Kits contain all the features listed above.

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Instruction Manuals:
K030 Conversion Kit Manual
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