The X Factory shop was draped with black crepe as we held a memorial service, summer of 2009 for our dearly departed X – 5 Squared. The original idea – what would happen if we could combine the fantastic xx-4 suspension with the ultra-efficient xxx-4 single-belt driveline? – was hatched in 2003. Our first Conversion Kit was born late in 2004, and in 2005 Greg Hodap took the original X – 5 to X Factory's first ROAR National Championship.

Early in 2009 the chassis mold for the X – 5 Squared developed a problem; mold repair is too expensive, and the beloved X – 5 Squared came to an end.

RIP X – 5 Squared, 2004 - 2009.

So now? 4WD buggy is the beat of X Factory's heart: our first love, first creation, and first sales. “Engineering Without Fear” means development work never stops, and a brand-new 4WD buggy had already been taking shape. No conversion. No Copying. Just a missile straight to the top of the podium.

We started running test bed cars for a new 4WD buggy even before the lamented funeral. Several new concepts were tested on grass & astro in U.K. and on dirt in the U.S.A.

Including the test beds, there were five different versions of the X – 7 before the Gen 5.0 prototype officially hit the track in 2011 in the capable hands of U.K. National Champion Ellis Stafford and U.S. engineer Paul Sinclair. Paul showed off the new car at Cactus in March, then made a few changes to run Gen 5.1 at the ROAR Nationals in August. It was the 5.2 in December 2011 that Paul piloted to 3rd at the J Concepts Clash, and 10th at the CRCRC Mid-Winter in January 2012.

Meanwhile, Ellis took his 5.2 to 2nd at the U.K. Winter Indoor Championship, barely missing out on the win. Ellis then finished 3rd in the U.K. National Champ Series race at Stotfold in May 2011.

Testing had revealed that some components had to be moved to make more room for electronics and change the weight distribution, and the Gen 6.0 debuted at Cactus in March 2012. The weight was moved slightly and Ellis got the 6.2 a month later finishing 4th at the next U.K. National Series race, E.P.R. Keep up with progress on our Facebook page.

So the X – 7 looks to be very fast indeed, and we are testing it in public at the highest levels. Born in the crucible, this will be the 4WD buggy to have. Higher Math!

Engineering Without Fear!