X Factory | Dan Greenwood

Dan is a 29 year old engineer based in Leeds in the North East of England. Perhaps the words of fellow teammate Ellis Stafford describe him best, “One of the funniest guys at the track if not for his humour but his funny faces he always does just for the camera, or is that your normal look ;-). He has plenty of time for all – regardless of car – and he’s a pleasure to work alongside in the team.”


Though Dan's been racing for 15 years it's only the past couple of seasons he's had the time and the budget to race at UK National level, since when he's held his F1 license. In 2007, Dan finished 27th in the BRCA UK nationals with two B finals and two C finals – with one race where he BQd and won the B main. As Dan says, As Dan says, “In my first season running a production spec X6 I've finished nearly 15 places higher overall at the UK nationals than ever before, BQ'd a UK National, finished 2nd overall in my regional championship and generally scared a few people with just how quick the X6 can be. Enough said!”

He started racing at the small but friendly clubs at Lliswerry and Caldicot model car clubs in Wales before progressing through the regional Radio Race Car series before an enforced lay off through University. Since graduation a new job and a move to the North East, Dan has enjoyed racing at the higher levels in the UK and his first Euros in 2005. Dan is now ranked 2nd overall in BRCA North East regional series counting all A finals including 1 TQ.


Having been brought up on the grass tracks of Wales, this is Dan's best surface though the multi surface tracks (grass, astro turf, bricked, tarmac) of Batley, Bury and Kidderminster are his favourite. His local tracks are now Batley and York model car clubs.

Dan is known as one of the nicest racers in Europe. Fellow teammate Bruno "Elvo" Heremens says it best, "If there were a World Championship for 'R/C nice guy', he'd be in the A main." Another British X-Team member agrees; Tom Cockerill says, "He's always a friendly face at the track and will to help anyone, a credit to the team."

Dan's other sponsors include Novak - Velociti, SMC cells, Body Paint bodyshell designs, Lunsford, GRP Tyres and Nortech Racing.