X Factory | Drivers

Chris Cristo!
Chris is a 34 year old R/C nut that loves anything related to R/C. When heís not working, as an IC mask designer at Cavium Networks or hanging out with his family, heís online reading R/C related forums and news sites. His love of racing began at age 11 with the purchase of his first R/C vehicle, a Marui Big Bear. At 12, he entered his first race and placed 6th. Striving for better finishes, he began modifying his cars and hasnít stopped tinkering since. In 1993, Chris placed 3rd in the NORRCA nationals with a Traxxas Eagle that had a direct drive transmission that he made himself. After high school, Chris took a short break from R/C racing and started again in 2004 after his wife gave him a Traxxas Emaxx as a gift. Chris now races weekly at R/C Excitement in Fitchburg, MA and runs electric 1/10th scale as well as 1/8th scale nitro buggy. He enjoys travelling to other tracks for racing and has visited tracks in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Florida, and Arizona.

Alex Krieg!

Alex is currently attending the University of Arizona, College of Engineering. He began racing R/C cars in 2004 with a used Associated TC3 touring car. Shortly after that, Alex started racing his Dadís RC18T in the oval class as well and has one first place trophy in 18th scale for oval. He also got an Associated B4 to play in the street and local dirt lot. When the local hobby shop announced that it had closed the carpet track and were putting in dirt, Alex started racing offroad. A couple months later Alex went to watch the 2006 Cactus Classis. He turned to his Dad and said " I want to race in this next year." During the next year, he raced onroad touring cars and offroad buggy and found a little company called X Factory. He saw the new X-6 they were developing and decided it was the buggy for him so he had his Dad pre-order one. He has not looked back ever since. He raced the X-6 every weekend he could and did compete in the 2007 Cactus Classis as he said he would. He made the C Main with his X-6, which was not bad for his first big race.


Alex now races primarily at two tracks in Tucson, Arizona. He races at Hobbytown and Competition Hobbies. Outside of R/C cars, Alex likes watching Formula 1 and full-size touring car racing (well, just about any kind of racing). Alex is also sponsored by Stickit1 Racing Graphics, JConcepts, and B-FastRC Performance diffs.


Cody Bickel!