X Factory | Stefan Mesker
Stefan Mesker!

Stefan was born 20 years ago in Dordrecht in the Netherlands. 5 years later, however, he moved to Berschenhoek, where he still lives. Stefan began education to become a furniture maker, but decided this was not the path for him. Currently, he is in a 4-year program at the LIS in Leiden in “MBO instrument maker” where he learns about fine mechanics, metalwork, and science. He hopes to work for Dutch Aerospace after graduation. In addition to R/C cars, Stefan enjoys mountain biking, going out with my friend and going to the movies or a good stand-up comedy show.
At 14 years old, Stefan routinely visited MVB-racing in Berschenhoek to look at these little cars racing around the track. Shortly afterwards, my dad got me my 1st R/C car, a Tamiya buggy. “Two years ago I heard of the X-6 buggy from one of our club members, I ordered one online as soon as I got home. Since that time, my racing has been getting better and faster. My driving has improved over this period and I’ve had a lot of help with my setups from Arjan van de Graaf, and of course the X-6 also helped a great deal.” In both 2006 and 2008, Stefan won the Dutch National Championships, and in 2008 he also took 5th in 2WD at the Belgium GP – the best Dutch result ever. Fellow Teammate Bruno "Elvo" Heremens says, "Whether his car is good or bad, whether the track is small or big or difficult or easy, he can always wheel it."
2009 was an even better year. Stefan won the BeNeLux championship this past year, and finished an impressive 3rd with his X - 6 ² at the Belgium GP. "I’m looking forward to sharing knowledge and laughter not only with my fellow X-factory Teammates, but also with all of the other members of the ever-growing X-Factory Family.” Currently, Stefan is sponsored by X Factory and MCM Racing.