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National Geographic Channel is set to launch a new prime time show called Showdown Of The Unbeatables. Premiere is Friday April 4 at 9PM Eastern Daylight and at Pacific Daylight Time and will run at 9 every Friday after that. X Factory, Paul Sinclair, Chazz Sinclair, and the X - 6 Cubed buggy will be featured in one of the early episodes of the show. Filming was completed over a three day period in September and October of 2013, with over 10,000 minutes of video shot at five different locations to produce about 10 minutes of show. One member of the film crew with 20 years' experience filming sports action said, "This is the most exciting and detailed video I have ever shot. These shots are incredible!"

Showdown of the Unbeatables showcases three product match-ups per episode. The companies that designed them are as varied as the inventions: some are mom-and-pop shops with one killer product while others are multimillion dollar corporations with extensive resources. What they all share is a passion for their product and the unshakeable belief that it can't be beaten. The emphasis is on innovative high tech products which are placed in unusual competition.

One of the world’s strongest umbrellas faces off against a hurricane-strength wind turbine. An impenetrable safe tries to withstand a beating from a two-story pneumatic jackhammer. A supersized fire truck battles the heat from a 3,500-degree flamethrower. In the arena of innovation, this is the ultimate test. Inventors and entrepreneurs stand tall behind their products and put their reputations at stake. But what happens when the indestructible is put in a death match with the destructor? On Friday, April 4, at 9:00 p.m. EDT/PDT, National Geographic Channel enters a battle royale, pitting entrepreneurs and their
innovations against each other in Showdown of the Unbeatables. Television personalities Brian Unger and Zane Lamprey align themselves with opposing companies that are readying for battle with their prized products. In each showdown, only one can emerge victorious. Zane Lamprey (right in photo) is the presenter with X Factory.

We don't mean just everyday items lying around the house. The engineers demonstrate the innovations in jaw-dropping ways. Can a brick-wall-busting air cannon penetrate a revolutionary bombproof wall coating? Will one of the world’s hottest blowtorches outperform a chainsaw capable of chewing through rocks and steel? And will micro-suction adhesive pads hold their own against the granddaddy of all tree shakers?

The series explains the fascinating science behind the inventions, but above all it delivers incredible, logic-defying visuals. Viewers will be left scratching their heads wondering who is going to win. When the dueling companies meet for the first time, it's a mixture of fear, bravado and genuine readiness … just like a pre-match meet in boxing. The players size each other up. The rules are drawn up and agreed upon. The supporters take their places. And the showdown begins.



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