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X-60 with an Inline LiPo!

X Factory family member Tommy Rogers decided he wanted to try some modifications on his X - 60 for the approaching indoor season. Busting out the dremel, he took out the 'horizontal' walls in the chassis between the battery areas and behind the servo and set it up to run a stick Lipo down the center. Working with Paul Sinclair at CRCRC one Sunday, he ground out a little more material (the small ribs in the 4-cell area) and got the pack to sit down flat along it's whole length. A XF # 1224 "cells" hold down strap helps hold the Lipo more securely. Tommy also used the new XF # 1226 Lipo standoffs to raise the strap up enough to fit his GTB back in the 4-cell area next to the Lipo.

Overall the truck looks very clean and drove pretty well on CRCRC's indoor clay track. The truck was very nimble on the track, and with a softer rear shock package still felt planted. The first testing day the track had a lot of bite - many drivers were using slicks and pulling wheelies - so Tommy's looking forward to testing once the track gets a little slicker.

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