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B44 CVAs Modified For X - 6!

The CVD axles are notorious for becoming stiff when accelerating, good for squaring up for the jump right after the corner, not good when the track is rutted.

The B44 used a CVA axle. This design has the pivoting point on the other side, which should lessen this. Problem is that they're too short. To solve this, I cut a set of these axles and lengthened them to the same length as the B4 cvd with a Losi axle (actually made the new axles 1.2 mm shorter to stop them pushing against the diff when the suspension is compressed). Over the 2 loose pieces I shoved a aluminium piece of tubing. Do not use a full length on the inside of the axle, as the larger diameter of the tube will then greatly block your maximum droop.

After you made the tube to the correct length slightly sand the axle so the bear metal is exposed and clean all surfaced. Then use a 2 component glue for metal to glue it all together. Do not do this job on the night before race day; chances are that the glue will not have hardened fully.

Drove these axles a few times now, and there is a bit of difference, you can use the CVA in all applications, but you'll need to mount a rear swaybar to make square up for the jumps faster. But on rutted tracks its worth a try if your having trouble accelerating against the rear motor cars.


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Special thanks to X-Factory family member Arjan Van De Graf for the information.