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Alex Yapp Fits Servo Without Grinding!


I love the X6. I love the fact that its a "people's car" and the sharing of knowledge, improvements and modifications are encouraged throughout the "Family". I also love the way the X6 just eats up any track you throw it on.

What I don't love is chopping and shaving race chassis to fit my electronics if I can help it! With the X6, there are two areas where this is paramount: Fitting the servo, and fitting a large Brushless Speed controller. The speed controller issue has been solved by Paul, so I'm going to fast forward to fitting a servo, without any shaving to the chassis.

The Reverse Servo Mod is a very simple one:

1. Find a low profile servo
2. reverse mount the servo by placing the ears behind the servo holders
3. reverse the ball stud located on the top of the servo horn
4. Realign the steering and...

Finished. You now have a servo fitted without the need to shave the chassis. The angle of the steering connector becomes less pronounced in this mod as well. (straighter)

I have been racing with this mod now for about a month now... so far so good!

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Special thanks to X-Factory family member Alex Yapp for the information.