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Fitting Taller Lipos

The X Factory X - 60 and X - 6 ² were designed just as Lipos were beginning to emerge as the dominant battery. The biggest lipos we saw back then were in the 4000 MAh range. Further, with the close-fitting buggy body, we wanted the battery posts to remain as low as possible so they wouldn't interfere or mark it up. Of course, in the last year and a half Lipo's have come a long way, expanding up into the 5000 MAh range and beyond, growing taller along the way. Fitting those larger packs in isn't hard - simply let the strap sit on top of the pack and tighten it down - but it means the strap sort of floats on top of the battery, staying put through tension rather than located well.

UPDATE: X Factory has now released their own battery stand-off kit, part number 1226. This part contains four purposely-machined spacers to lock on the battery posts while still properly locating the battery strap. It raises the battery strap to ROAR legal height. Find XF # 1226 on the webstore.

X Factory forum member Bigfoot discovered a simple, trick solution - a part that slips right over the stock battery posts and helps support the strap higher in the air. This is AE part #3965, TC3/4 axle bearing spacers. Shown here are pics of the pieces and installed on Bigfoot's SCX-60; these parts should work on any of X Factory's current chassis.

We think almost any 1/10th scale axle spacer would work; what's nice then is they're available in a wide variety of heights. It's quick and easy to pop it on the battery post and see if one fits and is the right height.