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Paul Sinclair Chassis Clearance Trick!

On a club track layout that featured a flat-land after a big jump setion, Paul was looking to help out his suspension by adding a touch of ground clearance at the back of his X - 6² plastic chassis. Busting out a sanding drum Dremel tool, he attacked the bottom rear of his chassis, thinning it down by about half from the front threaded inserts back. Paul's run the car for a while with good results, including at the 2010 Cactus Classic.


You need to grind a bit on the hex portion of the rear threaded inserts, so they fit flush, and then re-counter sink the two holes for the rear toe-block, which is easily done with a hobby knife.
Paul says, "We were worried about breaking issues on hard landings when we drew up the X - 60 and X - 6 Squared chassis. Without a separate T-plate like most cars have, we wanted to be SURE no one would break a chassis at the back. We perhaps went a touch overboard, and dremeling it down slightly helped my car land flat without bouncing on a particular layout. After running it for a few months, I'm happy to say this chassis has held up well, though any dremeling like this is going to weaken the car slightly."
Of course, a good amount of caution needs to be exercised with this tip. Use at your own risk. In no case make the back of the chassis thinner than .080" (2mm).