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Removing Front Suspension Bind

X Factory driver Wayne Gerber was building up his new K021 and reported a minor issue with front arm clearance. AE has recently re-made the mold for the 9578 front control arms, making them out of their new, softer material as well as adding some beef throughout the arm. Wayne noted that this extra material rubs on the X - 6 Squared chassis, creating a slight bind in the front suspension. A quick touch of the dremel on the back inside of the front inner pivot cleared it right up. Wayne writes, "The key was the back halfs of the a-arms. They rubbed more then the front."


Wayne sent the pic above showing the front arms stuck in the air, a sure sign of binding. The pic on the right highlights where he ground away some material; note the small gap at the rear of the arm. Both pics are click to enlarge.
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