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Details of X - 6 Chassis Lay-Out

Top view shows unique transmission giving mid-motor layout. Also 4 + 2 battery configuration for best weight distribution front-to-back and side-to-side. Car's mass is centered ahead of the rear axle for best cornering, jumping, and stability over bumps. Also shown: unique wing mounts to stop wing flew generating more downforce from the same wing area.
Close-up of transmission and motor plate. Note vertical bolts holding transmission in car. Shims can easily be added/subtracted to change height of outdrives for different track conditions. This affects forward/side bite. Front of motor plate bolted to chassis for extra rigidity. Car has virtually zero flex.
Rear suspension mounting system. Two different toe-in bars supplied with each Kit, giving 3 or 4 degrees toe-in per side. Note slots under the two washers -- Vertical screws from under the chassis go into the toe-in bar. Add/subtract shims quickly to set anti-squat.
Bottom view of "graphite" chassis showing lowered batteries and molded "graphite" rear control arms. Four steel threaded inserts are used to hold the transmission in the car adding strength.