The X-60CF

Let’s go truckin’! The X – 60CF is the way to do it, with its sexy slim-line design and all carbon fiber construction. Mid-motor of course. Fastest stadium truck on the track and maximum bling, all in one great package. Say it to yourself, “X Sixty, X 6 T, X – 60.” Then put the CF on the end for Carbon Fiber goodness.

The X – 60CF has all the great mid-motor advantages of the original X – 60 now all dressed up in carbon fiber, and the slim design makes it an all new vehicle. With less chassis lean it’s even faster through the corners. Double deck design allows you to tune chassis flex for maximum forward traction and side bite in any track condition. Button it down tight for tight high traction indoor tracks or loosen things up on blown-out 1/8 scale tracks. Either way, you’ll be on top of the podium with an X – 60CF.

Mid motor works on any track, regardless of available traction. The
X – 60CF has a greater advantage over rear-motor dinosaurs when there is less traction; X Factory’s biggest advantage is on an ice rink. You’ll go thorough any corner faster when without a lead weight hanging out the back to make the car want to spin out. When there is less traction, the tendency to spin is greater, so mid-motor is a bigger advantage. The X – 60CF excels in low traction conditions.

Most club level drivers report they go ½ to ¾ seconds per lap faster almost immediately! Mid-motor is so much easier to drive you’ll enjoy racing more. Even practice is more fun with an X – 60CF!

Carbon fiber chassis, top deck, front decks, battery strap, rear shock tower, and several other CF pieces too. Plus polished clear anodized aluminum parts finish off a great looking vehicle that is the envy of the pits everywhere. X Factory Kits contain everything you need to build the car right down to the bolts and washers, as well as the best and most complete instruction manual in the R/C business to walk you through the process of disassembling your T4/4.1/4.2 and building the X 60CF.

Two Kits are available. One Converts AE T4/4.1/4.2 to an X 60CF, which usually takes about 3 hours, not counting time to paint the J Concepts body. The other UpGrades an existing molded-chassis X 60 to the new X 60CF in about an hour and a half.

Comments from other X Factory owners are in our fan mail. Take a look at our Facebook page. The instruction manual posted on our web site, See the latest X 60CF set-up sheets.

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Latest Tech Tip:

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Set-Up Sheets:
Blank X - 60CF Sheet
Paul Sinclair's Latest Setup

Check out the Set-Up page for more ideas. If you're struggling with one of your X Factory rides, one of the quickest ways to get help is to ask on our Facebook page.

Instruction Manuals:
K028 Conversion Kit Manual